Manpower hiring 

MAFMS is an international recruiting agency specialized in quality outsource manpower recruiting and staffing in timely cost-effective services through the internet.
Our team is committed to working personally to our client’s needs in eliminating the time-consuming and expensive search for top-caliber talents at very competitive rates through job order matching system, hiring capabilities and deep knowledge of the industry.
We maintained a pool of qualified and skilled applicants on hand to meet future requirements. With international links in Asia and the Middle East, we put the right people at the right price. Our Consultants skillfully handles the recruitment and matching process and worked in close communication with the client during the selection process.


We fill in the gap in the market by providing turnkey solutions on various areas of business such as:

Processing of employees' deployment targeting both international and local markets to build a career in various industries/business in the United Arab Emirates.

  • Providing qualified personnel by a thorough recruitment process by psychometric tests, issued with a trade license.

Developing individuals through corporate training in management and computer studies.

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